The 2020 Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Forum process was initiated in October 2020 with a questionnaire widely circulated within the Mediterranean MPA community, followed by a series of successful online working groups in November 2020.

Considering the successive postponements in the international biodiversity agenda due to the health situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, MedPAN, SPA/RAC, WWF, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and their partners have decided to extend this online consultation phase, crucial for the preparation of the post-2020 roadmap for Mediterranean MPAs, by a few months, and therefore to postpone the Virtual Sessions of the Forum (initially scheduled from 1 to 5 February 2021) until mid-2021.

Two main steps compose the 2020 MPA Forum process

As mentioned above, the 2020 MPA Forum process will be carried out in two major steps:

  1. An online consultation process in 2020/2021 with two stages:
    • A preparation stage with a series of online working groups made of a panel of stakeholders, that was held in November 2020 to feed a first draft of the Post-2020 MPA Roadmap. Exchanges of those groups were based on the results of a short questionnaire that was widely disseminated in October 2020 among the MPA community to identify the main limiting factors that Mediterranean MPAs face.
    • An advanced stage with Virtual Forum Sessions scheduled for mid-2021 to discuss with the wider MPA community an advanced draft and issue a pre-finalised Post-2020 MPA Roadmap.
  2. A face-to-face event in late 2021 or early 2022 to finalise the Post-2020 MPA Roadmap (dates to be confirmed).

Whether you act at a local, national, or Mediterranean level, your contribution to this process will be decisive for the future MPA Roadmap.

We will keep you informed in due time of the new dates of the Virtual Forum Sessions during which an advanced version of the post-2020 Mediterranean MPA roadmap will be presented and discussed with the Mediterranean MPA community. A face-to-face Forum to finalise the Road Map is also still planned for late 2021 or early 2022 depending on the evolution of the current health crisis and related constraints.

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