The MPA NETWORKS project has come to an end. At its closing, we would like to present to you the concrete results it has achieved as well as the testimonies of the beneficiaries regarding this experience.

But before, here is a brief reminder of the important objective of this project.


When they are effectively managed, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are one of the most effective tools for the conservation of marine biodiversity. But to perform, Mediterranean MPAs need more human capacity, skills and financial resources. Over the years, MPA practitioners have come to realise that working together would help address some of the challenges they face and MPA managers networks such as MedPAN have emerged and developed.

The MPA NETWORKS project intends to boost these dynamics with the strengthening of MPA managers’ networks at all levels in the Mediterranean. The expected result? MPAs are empowered to serve their purpose and deliver the results that will benefit nature and sustain our livelihoods.



MPA NETWORKS Pilot Actions Factsheets

Reports and Guidelines from the project