There is no single magic solution to the crisis facing small-scale fisheries: action is needed on many fronts to make fisheries sustainable. However, Sustainable Fishing Tourism – also called ‘Pescatourism’ is an increasing popular activity around the world.

This alternative income stream for fishers should reduce the intensity of fishing activities, contribute to the sustainable management of fishery resources, and promote the cultural heritage of artisanal fishing.

Sustainable Fishing Tourism is one of the solutions that WWF is promoting in many countries to ensure sustainable livelihoods of coastal communities in today’s overfished oceans. In the framework of the MedMPA project financially supported by the European Union, WWF Mediterranean has produced a set of resources promoting the development of Sustainable Fishing Tourism.

A short video

With Albanian, Arabic, Croatian, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and English subtitles.

A guide

WWF Principles for Sustainable Fishing Tourism

This publication provides a definition of what “Sustainable” Fishing Tourism is through a set of principles, practical case studies, and recommendations. The source file and word documents are also available for translation if needed. 

A webpage

Sustainable Fishing Tourism

Video pills for social media

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Features fishers already doing Fishing Tourism in Corsica, Sardinia, Ecuador, Tunisia and Greece. These videos are all available with Croatian, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and English subtitles

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