On the 28 October 2020, the MEET Network Secretariat hosted a public-facing webinar to announce the launch of its new online course on ecotourism product development in Mediterranean Protected Areas.

The course is made of two modules and is primarily directed at Protected Area staff interested in ecotourism development for their destination, but is also highly relevant to other stakeholders in the tourism and conservation sectors i.e. tourism boards, tour operators, sustainable tourism associations etc. The first module is on how to develop an ecotourism product following MEET´s tried and tested methodology, and the second on how to use the MEET DestiMED Calculator to measure the ecological footprint of the ecotourism product.

The MEET DestiMED calculator allows those who are developing the ecotourism package to measure the environmental impact of components of the package including food and drink, transfer and mobility, activities and accommodation. The ecological footprint of the tourism package can then be improved following the results of the calculator. For example, if the main impact of the package is coming from imported foods it may be recommended to include more local food options in the package itinerary.

The course is free and can be accessed by creating an account on www.conservationtraining.org and searching for ´MEET Network´.