As global experience in managing MPAs is increasing, it is becoming more and more evident that MPAs provide benefits beyond biodiversity conservation. Some of these benefits are more understood and studied than others; in particular the information available on the socio-economic benefits of Mediterranean MPAs remains limited, especially in non-European countries.

Within the framework of the MedMPA Network Project “Towards an ecologically representative and efficiently managed network of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas”, financially supported by the European Commission, the MedPAN network is seeking a consultant to address this knowledge gap.

The consultancy aims to assess the direct and indirect socio-economic benefits associated with the presence of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean. The assessment will include the following components:

  • The development of a pilot methodology which could eventually be applied to assess direct and indirect socio economic benefits related to MPAs in different Mediterranean contexts,
  • A field investigation of the socio-economic direct and indirect benefit linked to the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and its contribution to local territorial development in 3 Mediterranean MPAs, using the pilot methodology,
  • A regional comprehensive analysis of the socio economic benefits of MPAs in the Mediterranean Region.

All details call can be found in the terms of reference.

Complementary information for applicants.

Please note that the deadline for applications is 18 March at midnight.

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