MedPAN launches today a call for tender for a consultant that will be responsible for elaborating the financing of a regular operational training programme for Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas.

Indeed, support to capacity development is at the heart of the MedPAN network’s activities since Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas are understaffed and the personnel they do have often lack skills and experience in management, conservation and planning.

In 2012, MedPAN, WWF Mediterranean and RAC/SPA have worked with other partners to develop a long-term Regional Capacity Building Strategy for MPAs that seeks to build the capacities of groups and individuals involved in planning and managing MPAs.

Initiatives led by MedPAN, RAC/SPA, WWF Mediterranean, the Conservatoire du Littoral, IUCN-Med and other partners follow this approach, including experience sharing and exchange workshops and visits, regional and sub-regional training, training for trainers, local MPA assessment and support missions, the training portal, training handbooks/kits, management tools and video tutorials.

To make the programme more effective, the Strategy recommends coordinating structured training cycles that can be planned according to various processes at regional, sub-regional, national and at the local MPA level.

In line with this recommendation, MedPAN proposes to work with its partners to implement a coordinated and flexible training mechanism, and within this framework to develop core competencies training modules.

A preparation phase for this training mechanism is currently underway (2017-2018) under the supervision of the Steering Committee. It aims to on the one hand to assess the feasibility of the programme in this scenario and provide answers in terms of funding and operations (including coordination/animation in the long term, governance, institutional grounding…), and on the other hand to specify the recurring and priority needs that should be addressed in order to draw up structured training modules with a strong operational focus.

In this context, MedPAN decided to appoint a specialised Consultant for the financing component of the development of this training programme. The Consultant will be responsible for the development of the provisional training programme financing plan.


All the details for this call can be found in the terms of reference.

Attention the deadline for applications has been set to 17 November at midnight