The main objective of this tender is to support MedPAN in defining its funding needs and in fundraising.

The consultant will need to:

  • Develop a general business plan for MedPAN and detailed business plans for key components of the MedPAN actions as well as the MedPAN reserve fund
  • Establish a list of donors and funding opportunities to be explored by MedPAN according to a priority logic
  • Develop and support the implementation of a fundraising action plan, including an ethical charter and a coaching for the first meetings with potential donors
  • Produce communicative “concept notes” for key components of the MedPAN actions
  • Reflect on the opportunities and implications of MedPAN to deliver services

Applications need to be received by 13 April 2020

All details can be found in the terms of reference of this call

  1. Would be possible to provide further details on the differences between the general and the detailed business plans that are mentioned in the ToR?

The general business plan will compile all the components of MedPAN won’t go into detail; while the detailed business plan will be established for each component of MedPAN (capacity-building, knowledge, policy…) and will enter into more details about analysis and figures.

2. Can you please clarify the expected outline of the detailed business plans?

The detailed business plan will help to clarify and identify for each component of MedPAN what are the main costs / by cost category and how those costs could be funded.

3. Would be possible to share any examples of the type of business plan that MedPAN is expecting to obtain from this consultancy?

We don’t have any model. We count on your external expertise to help us with that. 

4. The hyperlink included in the ToR to download the MedPAN draft of financial analysis, scenarios and action plan (July 2019) does not work. Would be possible to share a new hyperlink with us?

Here is the correct link. (The edit has been made in the document ever since)

5. Regarding the current COVID-19 context and its impact, we were wondering if the deadline for submitting an offer is confirmed for April 13th? 

The deadline is still on 13 April.

6. Would this context also impact the envisaged implementation schedule? If so, what is the new schedule?

At this stage, we did not plan any new schedule; this could be discussed when preparing the contract with the selected consultant(s)

7. Has Medpan been able to hire a fundraising specialist so far? If so, what is his/her profile (junior? Senior?)? What are her/his fields of expertise (national, bilateral, international public funds? Private funds? Direct marketing? Corporate partnerships? Major donors? Sponsoring? business development? …)

So far, MedPAN did not hire any fundraising specialist within its Secretariat team; the Secretariat (Executive Secretary and Financial Officer mainly) have some experience in raising funds towards bilateral, international and private funds; MedPAN also benefits from the expertise of its Board of Directors and its members and partners (national, bilateral, international public funds, private funds mainly).

8. Is there already some coordination regarding fundraising between MedPAN, and the Mediterranean Biodiversity Consortium and the MedFund?

Regarding the Mediterranean Biodiversity Consortium, the feasibility study is still in progress. For the MedFund, one joint project proposal has been submitted to the GEF.

9. We would also like to know if you have already started implementing the 2019-2023 financial strategy? And more specifically, we would like to know what were you main sources of income (which donors) for 2019 and 2020? 

Please find here the 2019 activity report.

Our main donors for 2019-2020 are:

  • MAVA Foundation
  • FFEM
  • UNEP/MAP (EU project – ended in September 2019)
  • INTERREG MED (started in November 2019)
  • The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
  • CEPF (contribution to an event)
  • AFD (contribution to a specific action)
  • French Biodiversity Agency
  • City of Marseille and Department of Bouches du Rhône

10. Do you have a global budget 2020 with financial Plan and budget Follow up? Do you use an analytical accounting system?per Donor? Per project?

We have a 2020 budget and an updated budget (June and September each year). The analytical accounting system is per action (co-funded by different donors)

11. Do you have a global budget for MedPAN 2019-2023 in link with the strategy?

This is stated in the “financial action plan” document.

12. In the ToR, it says that the layout for the concept notes must be included in the budget. We would like to know what level of layout you do expect? Were you thinking of professional graphic design work?

The concept notes must be indeed prepared with a good graphic design layout; you may need an external expert.

13. Regarding the schedule of deliverables and tasks, you may, in your proposal, revise this schedule; we can then discuss and validate it as part of the contract if your offer is selected. Please note that due to the constraints of our financial support for this RFP, all deliverables must be finalized by November 2021 at the latest.

14. The maximum budget available is 40 000 € including tax; however, you may indicate certain actions as “options” in your budget proposal.

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