MedPAN is co-organising 2 workshops during the 5th International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas to be held in Greece from 8 to 12 April 2019. For information, this is the first time that this international conference will be organised in Europe and more particularly in the Mediterranean. This is a unique opportunity for MedPAN to promote actions in favour of protected areas and marine mammals in the Mediterranean region.

  • The first workshop “Towards building a global networking mechanism of MPA managers & practitioners: Promoting ecological solidarity” will provide an opportunity to discuss and develop potential common activities and tools to promote links between MPAs within regional MPA networks.
  • The second workshop, “Integrating marine mammal conservation needs into MPA management plans” aims to provide an overview of the current status of marine mammals in MPA management and to identify a path forward incorporating marine mammals in existing and future management plans of MPAs.

Please feel free to contact Susan Gallon (, our new scientist manager, if you are planning to attend this conference and would like to contribute to one of the sessions co-organised by MedPAN.

The recommendations of these 2 workshops will be taken into account and shared during the annual experience exchange workshop on mobile species to be held in November 2019. A call for contributions for this workshop will be sent later this year.