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The MARISTANIS project started in September 2017 for three years. It aims to define an integrated management system for the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Oristano in Sardinia, which can serve as a model for other coastal regions of the Mediterranean.

The initiative involves 6 Ramsar-labeled wetlands, the Sinis Peninsula MPA, 25 Natura 2000 sites and 13 municipalities. It will span over 200 km of coastline.

The MARISTANIS project has eight priority objectives:

  • Improve the knowledge of wetlands
  • Achieve integrated management of coastal wetlands
  • Reduce threats to marine ecosystems
  • Promote effective management of water resources
  • Reduce the risk of pollution
  • Improve the conservation of endangered species and habitats
  • Promote cultural and landscape heritage
  • Raise awareness of the importance of wetlands

The MARISTANIS project is co-financed by the MAVA Foundation and coordinated by the MEDSEA Foundation, in collaboration with the Marine Protected Area ”Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island”. It is being set up along with three other projects co-financed by MAVA in Albania, Montenegro and Tunisia.

At the Mediterranean level, the MEDSEA Foundation relies on an international steering committee composed of MedPAN, MedWet, MedINA, Blue Plan, PAP-RAC, BirdLife International, and Tour du Valat. This committee met last December; an opportunity to review the challenges at site level and show the ambition of the project. 18% of the objectives set for the project have already been achieved.


Alessio Satta
Fondation MEDSEA


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