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This web space brings together resources that can empower scientists and MPA managers to continue exploring the question of socio economic benefits generated by well managed MPAs.

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In our crowded and popular Mediterranean coastline, people are almost always somehow connected to Marine Protected Areas. Local populations, fishers, tourists, businesses, tourism operators… all can be impacted by conservation measures. The success of Mediterranean MPAs then directly depends on how well socio-economic realities are taken into account. In return, the natural capital can provide countless benefits. Assessing the socio-economic effects and benefits of MPAs is however a complex subject that is yet crucial to undertake in each MPA.


Monitoring protocols

Replay of the 2015 conference in Marseille

The entire conference “Socio-economic benefits of protected coastal and marine spaces in the Mediterranean” is available on youtube. Take a look at the play list… and download the programme and the proceedings

The videos are only available in French…


Case studies

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