The Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Western Mediterranean region project (SIMWESTMED) is intended to:

  1. support the implementation of the Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning by four Member States (Spain, France, Italy and Malta) within their marine waters in the Western Mediterranean region, and to
  2. contribute to supporting cross-border cooperation between Member States in relation to the implementation of the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive.

This project, practitioner focused, explores potential options for transboundary cooperation in preparing maritime spatial plans, such as a common view on the system of MPA in an ecosystem based approach. In this context, it is important to strengthen the knowledge about the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) existing in the project’s area (Spain, France, Italy and Malta). A better understanding of MPAs, at a regional level, aims to ensure that Maritime Spatial Planning and a better MPA management complement one another.

This project gathers a large number of partners and MedPAN has been appointed to help the French Biodiversity Agency to collect data. The data from the MAPAMED database have been used as a basis; it was then updated and supplemented. For the analysis we also used the European database on Natura 2000.

You can access here to the SIMWESTMED data. Informations regarding the French MPAs are also available from the French MPA portal.