MAPAMED (Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean) is a GIS database that gathers information on marine protected areas of the Mediterranean, and more generally on sites of interest to the conservation of the marine environment.

It is developed and jointly administered by the MedPAN association and SPA / RAC.

The development of MAPAMED database arose from the need to have a resource center collecting and structuring information on Mediterranean MPAs. It builds on the first MPA in the Mediterranean database that was developed by MedPAN in 2008.


  1. facilitates the access and the sharing of data on Mediterranean MPAs,
  2. allows the analysis and the evaluation of the status and trends of the MPA network and
  3. identifies ecological and management issues at a supra-AMP scale.
MAPAMED is regularly updated. It will be viewable on our new web site next year. In the meantime, if you need access to data sets, please contact Reda Neveu (data management officer from the MedPAN secretariat) to request for the latest version :