Thanks to the interest of an Italian MedPAN member, the MPA of Punta Campanellaclose to Naples, the LovePosidonia video was revisited and produced in English and Italian .

The MPA of Punta Campanella was interested in screening the video in its visitor centre and thought the video would be more powerful in Italian, without having to resort to subtitles. The MPA agreed to fund this Italian version while MedPAN supported the English version.

The 3 videos, in French, English and Italian, all have subtitles available in 8 languages when played on youtube. To activate them, click on the small wheel and choose your language from the subtitle menu s.

For your information, the first version of the video that we launched in 2016 in French with subtitles was viewed over 150,000 times!

Let’s do the same with these versions! Spread the word