Building on last year’s success, Blue Flag beach clean-ups around the Mediterranean will once again take place during the first week of July 2018. Under the banner “Caring for the sea that unites us”, these clean-ups will be organised around the basin with the aim to raise public awareness to the need for protecting the shore and the marine environment. To join, it’s simple, contact Navi ( at Ecoocean, an NGO partner of the MedPAN network….

This campaign was run last year in 14 Mediterranean countries which rallied around our common shores and values, working with schools, municipalities, government, businesses… and with the help of social media of course. Ecoocean created an upbeat video clip that reached millions of viewers and was translated in 7 languages. The campaign was given an honorary mention on the UNWTO website (

«Caring for the sea that unites us” is a Mediterranean clean-up campaign carried out under the umbrella of the UNEP Clean Seas campaign, and the Blue Flag Program of the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE).