Coralline algae represent the most important bioconstructors in the Mediterranean Sea and are currently impaired by the effects of climate change, particularly by global warming and ocean acidification.

This study assessed the effects of warming and acidification on Ellisolandia elongata, an intertidal coralline algae that is known to host a rich biodiversity of associated fauna. This was done experimentally (aquaria) by estimating alteration of linear growth and community structure in stress conditions.

The results of the study show that the combined effect of low pH and high temperature expected for the future can impair algal growth and generate structural changes at the level of the associated benthic community.

The authors highlight the vulnerability of this important Mediterranean marine habitat to climate change stressors.

Marchini et al. (2019) Intertidal Mediterranean coralline algae habitat is expecting a shift toward a reduced growth and a simplified associated fauna under climate change. Frontiers in Marine Science 6:106.