Project leader: Porto Cesareo MPA management consortium – Italy

MPA: Porto Cesareo

Theme: Habitat mapping

Background: Porto Cesareo MPA, located in the south of Italy, was established in 1997 and recognised as a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance in 2011. The habitats and species it encompasses endure strong anthropogenic pressures, mainly related to urbanism, tourism and fisheries. The management body of the MPA works with local stakeholders toward protecting marine habitats, starting with acquiring a greater level of knowledge on the habitats present in the MPA.

Project objective: The project aims at improving the level of detail of existing geo-acoustic habitat maps of the MPA seafloor by acquiring and processing underwater photogrammetry and habitat modelling techniques. The project will especially look at hard bottom communities structure (Coralligenous habitat), Posidonia oceanica meadows, Maerl (Coralline algae), soft bottoms sedimentary dynamics and marine litter.

Duration: 6 months

Total budget: 17,264 €
MedPAN financing: 12,264 €

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