The AdriaPAN network, that today gathers over 40 MPAs in the Adriatic, is considering getting a larger reach to encompass coastal and Marine Protected Areas in the entire Adriatic and Ionian Macro region. This is what AdriaPAN members recommended during the meeting held in Trieste, Italy, on 10 March. A project to support this ambition will be submitted to the Interreg Adrion Programme supporting the EU Strategy of the Adriatic and Ionian region (EUSAIR). AdriaPAN would become AdrIonPAN.

Such a project was already submitted in 2015 to the Adrion programme but was not selected. Feedback from this first submission led the participants to enrich this year’s project proposal with important elements.

The project partnership will be modified to involve more relevant institutional partners while MPA authorities or research institutes will become associated partners. Two other factors may play in favour of the selection of the project. First of all, and as confirmed in the feedback from the first submission, the fact that this is a bottom-up initiative is important to Adrion: since it is based on an existing network, AdrIonPAN would be the end result of the project not the beginning of it. The second factor is that the theme of archeology and its relation to tourism will be weaved in the project proposal; and the Adrion call values projects that combine conservation and tourism, and that is a very relevant approach for MPAs.


More about AdriaPAN

AdriaPAN , the Adriatic Protected Areas Network, is a bottom-up initiative, started by 2 Italian marine protected areas, Miramare and Torre del Cerrano and supported by MedPAN. The aim of the network is to make contacts between Protected Areas in the Adriatic easier, to improve their partnership effectiveness, both in management and planning activities. AdriaPAN is a growing network with a great potential for joining efforts in environmental protection, sustainable development. 10 Italian Protected Areas, both marine and coastal, initially signed the Cerrano Charter, the founding act of AdriaPAN. Now the number has increased. It counts about 40 members from all countries bordering the Adriatic Sea, and more than 30 associated organisations (institutions, NGOs, businesses, etc.) interested in collaborating on AdriaPAN initiatives. Joining the network is free and the only requirement is to officially subscribe to the Cerrano Charter.