This book, produced by AllEnvi, the French environmental research alliance covers information on a wide variety of topics: from the ocean in paintings to deep-sea mineral resources, from the ocean’s blue colour to sea birds.

It is stated that such a holistic approach is now essential in every discipline, being the only way to produce a complete and consistent result. While underlining the urgency of two issues today: the need to help the ocean heal the wounds that human society has inflicted upon it (while we still have time), and the need to find a sustainable way of using all the ocean has to offer in terms of resources, communication and leisure.

The book shows the array of scientific disciplines that tale the ocean as their subject and highlights the vital role of science in understanding the ocean. It is stated that the need of protection is no longer in doubt today, but conservation efforts can only be effective in light of in depth knowledge of what needs protecting: science is therefore fundamental.

As written in the preface, this book is a timely resource that will inform a broad audience, not only decision-makers but anyone with a love of the ocean.

Euzen A, Gaill F, Lacroix D, Cury P (Eds.) (2017) The Ocean revealed. CNRS Éditions, Paris, 323 pp