2016 was the third year in a row with a record-setting global mean surface temperature.

This paper presents a real-time Global Warming Index (GWI). It is proposed as a simple real-time index of global human-induced warming. The authors state that this index provides improved scientific context for temperature stabilization targets and has the potential to decrease the volatility of climate policy. It is highlighted that the index and the associated rate of human-induced warming is compatible with a range of other more sophisticated methods to estimate the human contribution to observed global temperature change.

Additionally, the GWI is easily accessible through the website www.globalwarmingindex.org, ensuring that the real-time information is permanently available to anyone. The authors underline that the robustness, transparency and salience of the GWI, render it a reliable and usable benchmark tool.

It is suggested that institutions like the World Meteorological Organisation could provide a regular standardised update of human-induced warming to support future stock-takes of progress towards climate stabilization. Attribution can no longer be left to periodic academic assessments.


Haustein K, Allen MR, Forster PM, Otto FEL, Mitchell DM, Matthews HD, Frame DJ (2017) A real-time Global Warming Index. Scientific Reports 7:15417.