Artisanal Small-Scale Fisheries (SSFs) are a primordial and very diverse activity in the Mediterranean Sea, also within some Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Artisanal fishing is the main socio-economic activity in the area of the future MPA of “Taza” (Algeria, SW Mediterranean). This study investigated the spatio-temporal dynamics of artisanal SSFs of this future MPA by means of multivariate analyses of data from direct assessment of daily landings and questionnaires.

The obtained results show that in the study area, the boats are predominantly gillnetters, and that among the five métiers characterized by target species, gear type, fishing grounds, and fishing seasons, two métiers (“Mullus surmuletus trammel net” and “Sparids monofilament gillnet”) are practiced throughout the year, while the remaining three (“Sarda sarda driftnet”, “Merluccius merluccius set gillnet”, and “Pagellus set gillnet”) are specific to a determined period of the year.

The authors highlight that the results of the study show that the spatio-temporal dynamics of artisanal SSFs is a crucial component for the effective management of the future MPA of “Taza”. They underpin that understanding the dynamics of the fishery and the behavior of the fishers are two fundamental elements that must be integrated into the management approach, strictly conditioned by close collaboration between scientists, fishers, and local managers.

Boubekri et al. (2018) Structure and spatio-temporal dynamics of the artisanal small-scale fisheries at the future MPA of “Taza” (Algerian coast, SW Mediterranean). Mediterranean Marine Science 19:555-571.