Recreational fishing, i.e. non-commercial exploitation of living aquatic resources for recreation, tourism or sport, is one of the most frequent leisure activities in coastal zones and inland waters worldwide.

This paper evaluated Marine Recreational Fishing (MRF) in Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean) using telephone surveys between 2016 and 2018. All three existing MRF types were included in the surveys, boat fishing, spearfishing and shore fishing.

The obtained results show the great magnitude of this sector in terms of catches, as well as its social and economic significance. Around 2.7% of the population was involved in MRF, of which 86% in shore fishing, 10% in boat fishing and 8.5% in spearfishing. The authors highlight that, overall, recreational catches exceeded in weight and value the coastal commercial catches. However, it is stated that some of the most important species for the coastal commercial fleet were not important for any type of MRF.

The authors conclude that MRF in Cyprus and probably elsewhere in the Mediterranean has been underestimated thus far and that it should definitely be taken into account when considering measures for fisheries management.

Michailidis et al. (2020) Recreational fisheries can be of the same magnitude as commercial fisheries: The case of Cyprus. Fisheries Research