Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas* (LSMPAs) are the greatest hope for achieving marine conservation goals such as the CBD Aichi Target 11.

These guidelines, published by the IUCN and Big Ocean, compile information on LSMPAs, their importance, characteristics, benefits and challenges, but most extensive on their design and management. They provide a starting point and complement current resources for MPA managers.

The authors of this publication emphasize on the importance of good design in LSMPAs, and the guidelines advise design through a series of interrelated steps that should be thoughtfully planned and executed.

It is stated that the design phase should provide the framework for developing an effective management planning process. The guidelines explore important elements of management planning and the logistical considerations that should be made when developing a timeline for individual elements as well as the overarching process. Additionally, in relation to management, scientific insights coupled with the experiences of the world’s current LSMPAs are shown.

Although the current number of LSMPAs is small and most are either in design or management planning, and, therefore there is little experience on performance measurement, the guidelines provide as well preliminary information on evaluating management effectiveness.

*Areas greater than 150.000 km2

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