This is number 50 of the Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM) monographs series, it opens perspectives on the lessons to gain on all sides by forging new alliances between marine researchers and fishermen.

Impacts of human activities on marine biodiversity are extensively studied. However, the opposite, i.e. the impacts of marine biota on human activities, are far less considered. Yet, if biodiversity is widely regarded as favourable for human activities, certain species may also negatively impact human well-being, through direct and indirect effects.

To explore this complex subject, experts of various geographic horizons and backgrounds were invited by the CIESM at the Oceanographic Institute in Paris, in April 2018. The objectives of the workshop emphasized the need to include a broad marine socio-ecosystem vision when considering the interferences of marine biota and human activities. This monograph was developed on the basis of written contributions provided by the participants of this workshop.

CIESM (2018) Engaging marine scientists and fishers to share knowledge and perceptions – Early lessons. CIESM Workshop Monograph n° 50 [F. Briand, Ed.] CIESM Publisher, Monaco, 218 p.