The EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 aims to secure healthy, resilient, biodiversity-rich ecosystems that deliver the range of services essential to the prosperity and well-being of citizens. Nature-based Solutions (NBS) are central to achieving the objectives of this strategy.

Nature-based solutions (NBS) to societal challenges are solutions that are inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience. Such solutions bring more, and more diverse, nature and natural features and processes into cities, landscapes and seascapes, through locally adapted, resource-efficient and systemic interventions. Nature-based solutions must benefit biodiversity and support the delivery of a range of ecosystem services.

This report presents findings from a review of over 30 EU-funded research and innovation projects conducted as part of the EC’s Valorisation of NBS Projects Initiative. According to the authors, the aim was to determine the contribution of these projects to EU biodiversity, climate and other policy objectives as well as to sustainable transition processes.

The report further highlights new approaches to support the development and management of biodiverse NBS and provides insights into governance models to deliver biodiversity benefits. On this basis, the document outlines remaining research gaps and policy recommendations to promote the mainstreaming and enhanced contribution of biodiverse NBS across biodiversity and other sectoral policies, not least to foster a sustainable societal transformation in Europe and beyond.

Naumann & Davis (2020) Biodiversity and Nature-based solutions. Analysis of EU-funded projects. European Commission doi:10.2777/183298.