In the framework of the 3-year SEAmed project that ended in June 2017, WWF Mediterranean published a series of interesting thematic reports (the SEAmed Technical Series) based on the concrete needs of a few Mediterranean MPA. Here is a recap of this guides:

The SEA-Med Project delivers on the WWF Mediterranean Initiative, WWF’s network strategy for the conservation of the Mediterranean Sea and it is part of the “Management model of coastal, insular and marine areas in the Mediterranean” partnership, that brings together the Conservatoire du Littoral, MedPAN and WWF Mediterranean to contribute to establishing these sensitive areas as models for Integrated Coastal Zone Management and sustainable financing.

This project was funded by the FFEM, SPA/RAC, the MAVA foundation, The Albert II of Monaco foundation, the CEPF, the French MPA agency, the French Water Agency and the city of Marseille.

A new project gathering MedPAN, WWF and the Conservatoire du littoral will kick off in 2018.