The Interreg Med MPA NETWORKS and MPA Engage projects have teamed up to produce and release a series of short videos highlighting important stories from the 2 projects.

Entitled “MED Together”, the series started end of March with a pill featuring famous French freediver Guillame Néry in 60 powerful and poetic seconds that recall how the sea is a fragile environment, linked to our very survival, an environment to be protected with care now more than ever, because time is running out.

The rest of the series is being gradually released with a total of about 20 pills. Pills are inspired by the need to take concrete actions based on a shared vision of development, collaboration and future for the marine environment and coastal communities. The pills highlight how Marine Protected Areas can contribute to bringing a collective response to serious issues, such as climate change consequences, biodiversity loss, fishing decline or mobile conservation.

The MPA NETWORKS project has already released 2 pills illustrating key accomplishments in the pilot sites of the project:

Investing in a Marine Protected Area pays off. Featuring Cala Rjada MPA in the Balearic Islands, Spain – Partner: Marilles Foundation
Small scale fishing is part of nature’ harmony. Featuring Torre del Cerrano MPA in Italy – Partner: Torre del Cerrano MPA.

The MPA Engage projects focusing on climate change adaptation and MPAs has already released 6 pills:

Stay tuned for the rest of the series that is being published on the Facebook accounts of the 2 projects… @MedMPANetworks @MPAEngage as well as on Youtube. Series playlist.

The MPA NETWORKS projects has a budget of around 2.7 million euros and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of Interreg Med programme of the European Union. It is led by MedPAN and gathers 9 other partners in France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Albania and Spain.

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