Author: Marina Gomei, WWF MMI

WWF and CoNISMa outline an adaptive methodology for evaluating key economic benefits, potentially applicable in different Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The study was piloted in 6 MPAs: 3 MPAs with an official mission and long-term management plans – Egadi Islands MPA (Italy), Telašćica Nature Park (Croatia), Torre Guaceto MPA (Italy) – and 3 not-yet officially gazetted MPA without an operational management plan – Gouraya National Park, Taza National Park in Algeria and Tabarka Marine and Coastal Protected Area in Tunisia.

Placing monetary value on these benefits is complex and inexact, but evaluating and monitoring them can support better communication, stakeholder engagement and decision-making. This in turn enables MPA managers to design and implement more effective management strategies, which deliver better socioeconomic and ecological outcomes.

Contact: Marina Gomei,, WWF MMI