Project leader: Telašćica Nature Park – Croatia

MPA: Telašćica Nature Park

Theme: Capacity building and/or strengthening the management of MPAs in the Mediterranean, taking into account climate change.

Background: Telašćica Nature Park, created in 1988, is undergoing revision of its Management Plan partly to integrate measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Project objective: The objective of this project is to improve the conservation of marine ecosystems in Telašćica MPA by strengthening the MPA management through the development of guidelines for integrating blue carbon within the revised management plan. This will require assessing the carbon sequestration potential of Posidonia oceanica in the Park and their importance as a nature based solution for mitigation of climate change effects.

Duration: 12 months

Total budget : 31,200 €
MedPAN financing: 15,000 €

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