Celebrate islands, the now famous yearly event organised by Conservatoire du littoral, PIM initiative and SMILO, sustainable islands, has this year taken place online.

A series of short videos and webinars highlighting the challenges and the fantastic work of field teams has been released and is available online. A good number of the 30 testimonies produced came from Mediterranean islands… Relax, seat back and enjoy 🙂

  • Frioul (France)
  • Habibas (Algeria)
  • Gökçeada (Turkey)
  • Kuriat (Tunisia)
  • Maltese islands (Malta)
  • Porquerolles (France)
  • Galite (Tunisia)
  • Zlarin (Croatia)
  • Cavallo (Algeria)
  • Rachgoun (Algeria)
  • Sazan (Albania)
  • Farwa (Libya)
  • Zembra (Tunisia)
  • Kneiss (Tunisia)
  • La Galite (Tunisia)
  • Saint Honorat (France)
  • Kerkennah (Tunisia)
  • Grand Rouveau (France)

All videos can be found on the youtube channel of Celebrate Islands and on the dedicated Facebook page