In collaboration with MedPAN, The MedFund is launching a call for tender for the preparation and drafting of the project document and endorsement package for the full-sized project entitled “Build back a blue and stronger Mediterranean” funded by the GEF.

Drawing on the approved project identification form by the GEF council as well as on existing studies and initiatives and incorporating inputs from the stakeholders, the international consultant will adopt the required CI-GEF templates and will lead the preparation of the Safeguards Plan, ProDoc and GEF CEO Endorsement Package for the full-sized GEF project “Build back a blue and stronger Mediterranean”.

Consult the Terms of Reference here. (in English only)

Applicants should submit their bids electronically to the following e-mail address:
Offers must be received no later than 12:00 Central European Time on Monday 15 March 2021.

Answers to bidders’ questions:

  1. Could you confirm that a member of the scientific council of the MedPAN can be presented as an expert on the offer?

According to our internal rules if a member of the scientific committee of MedPAN is presented on the offer the situation could be considered as a potential conflict of interest as MedPAN will be part of the selection committee. The entire offer could then be invalidated.

2. Can a member of The MedFund’s Grant award Committee be a member of the team or does he or she have a potential conflict of interest?

A member of The MedFund Grantmaking Committee may be a member of the consulting team, only if that member is not also a board director of The MedFund.

3. Can the President of an association benefiting from MedFund grant be presented on this call for tenders ?

The President of an association receiving MedFund funding cannot be present on this tender as this could be perceived as a potential risk of conflict of interest.

4. With reference to Part 3 of the proposal, if the proposal is submitted by a group of consultants, who are not incorporated, how should the Part 3 of the proposal be presented? How should corporate capabilities be presented if there is no company involved? Regarding “client references” should each consultant present 3 references or 3 references should be presented for the entire group of the consultants?

Team of independent consultants will be considered for this offer but only one contract will be signed meaning that a team leader will contract with MedFund on behalf of the consortium of individuals –the collective organization must be indicated in the offer stating who will be team leader on behalf of the entire group – Regarding client references 3 references should be presented for the team of experts.

5. In Instruction for Offerors, it is stated that the offers have to be signed by an authorized representative of the offerors. In the case of the group of the consultants presenting the offer, who should be the authorized representative?

The team leader will contract with MedFund on behalf of the consortium of individuals.

6. In section 1.4, the expert mission trips and costs of experts to attend one workshop in person in Marseille in September 2021 and one day workshop in person in Marseille are mentioned. How many experts do you expect to be covered by the project budget on each occasion?

At minimum The team leader should attend + possibly 1 additional expert depending on its profile

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