Then you might be interested in implementing the ACT4LITTER pilot action that aims to support your efforts towards addressing the marine litter problems you encounter.

ACT4LITTER is an 18-month Interreg Med project implemented in close collaboration with marine litter experts and several MPA managers of the MedPAN network. The overall aim of the project is to facilitate efforts for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs through the development of effective and targeted measures.

ACT4LITTER offers you a unique opportunity to take action and develop – on a voluntary basis –  an action plan for marine litter management in your MPA.

ACT4LITTER will assist you along the way by providing a decision-making tool tailor-made to address the needs of your MPA, while also providing the necessary technical support for the implementation of the different phases of the pilot action.

The pilot action will follow a five-phase process described in the quick guide you will access by following this link that will lead you through a step-by-step process for elaborating your own marine litter action plan.

You are kindly invited to submit your expression of interest to implement the pilot action by Friday 27 October 2017, by not later than 17:00 (CET) by sending an email to Thomais Vlachogianni (

The interested MPAs will be informed if they are selected within a few days  after the submission deadline.

The selected MPAs will be invited to sign the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’  that sets the conditions for the smooth implementation of the pilot action.

Should you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact Thomais Vlachogianni (MIO-ECSDE) who coordinates this pilot action.

Please note that all exchanges will be carried out in English.

More details on ACT4LITTER on the project’s website: