MedPAN aims to promote the establishment, the operation and the sustainability of a Mediterranean network of MPAs..

The MedPAN organisation was created at the request of some Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas managers in 2008 with the mission to ccordinate the MedPAN network, the network of Marine Protected Areas managers that exixts since the 90s. For more information consult the History section of this site.

The non profit organisation was created in 2008 and its permanent secretariat is in place since the end of 2009. It is governed by the French law of 1901. The charter and internal rules define the purpose, operation, governance and the means of action of the organisation.For more information consult the Governance section of this site.

MedPAN works with its members and partners as well as with governmental and non governmental organizations on a local, national, regional and international level to develop its activities.Take a look at the 2017 Programme of Activities of the MedPAN organisation.


General assembly

The MedPAN association ordinary General Assembly takes place once a year, at the end of the year in a Mediterranean country.

The 10th ordinary General Assembly took place on 27 November 2017 in Izola, Slovenia – see the programme -, just before the 2017 experience sharing workshop of the MedPAN network.

The General Assembly is composed of the members that are up-to-date in their statutory obligations and of the association partners. The Assembly is directed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The ordinary General Assemby has a central role in the association’s governance. Particularly:

  • it elects the Board of Directors,
  • it appoints and dismisses partners,
  • it decides of the associations’ strategy,
  • it hears the activity report, the financial report, and if there is one, the report of external auditors,
  • it approves the financial statements for the year ended,
  • it votes on the projected budget,
  • it discharges its management directors,
  • it appoints the members of the Board of Directors, the Advisory Committee and the Scientific Committee,
  • it approves the Rules of Procedure,
  • and finally addresses all the points that may not have been, statutorily, allocated to another part of the association.

Board of directors

The main role of the MedPAN Board of Directors is to recommend to the General Assembly the organisation’s policies and general orientations, and oversees the proper application of the decisions taken.

It gathers once a month on average.

The Directors are elected by the annual General Assembly of members and partners. The Board of Directors is currently composed of:

  • DEPANA, Spain: Chairman
    • Representative: Ms. Purificació Canals, member
    • Delegate: Ms. Marta Gumà Bondia. President
  • RAC/SPA, Tunisia: Honorary Vice-Chairman
    • Representative: M. Khalil Attia, Director
    • Delegate: Ms. Souha El Asmi, Programme Manager
  • Zakynthos National Park, Greece: Vice-Président
    • Representative: M. Laurent Sourbes, Manager of the Integrated Planning Department
    • Delegate: M. Haris Dimitriadis, Scientific Officer
  • Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, Slovenia: General Secretary
    • Representative : M. Robert Turk, Manager of the Piran bureau
    • Delegate: M. Maruša Danev, Manager and consultant of the Piran bureau
  • Port-Cros national Park, France: Treasurer
    • Representative: M. Guillaume Sellier, Director
    • Delegate: Ms Elodie Durand, Project Manager
  • City of Agde, France 
    • Representative: M. Renaud Dupuy de la Grandrive, Director
    • Delegate: Ms Véronique Salga, Municipal councillor to marine environment
  • Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la lutte contre la désertification, Morocco
    • Representative: M. Abdennadi Abarkach, Engineer, Responsible for Marine Protected Areas planning
  • Agence de Protection et d’Aménagement du Littoral, Tunisia
    • ​Representative : M. Mohamed Ben Jeddou, General Director
    • Delegate: Ms Saba Guellouz, Marine and Coastal Protected Areas Programme Manager
  • MPA of Torre del Cerrano, Italy
    • Representative: M. Fabio Vallarola, Director
    • Delegate: M. Graziano Aretusi, Project Manager
  • WWF France
    • Representative: Ms. Catherine Piante, Programme Manager
    • Delegate: M. Denis Ody, Manager of the Ocean Programme
  • Consortium of management of Portofino MPA, Italy
    • Representative: M. Giorgio Fanciulli​, Director
    • Delegate: Ms Valentina Cappanera, Project Manager
  • Balearic Government General Directorate of Natural Areas and Biodiversity, Spain
    • Representative: M. Jorge Moreno, Wildlife Conservation Officer
  • Brijuni National Park, Croatia
    • Representative: M. Sandro Dujmovic, Director
    • Delegate: Ms Maja Bizjak Maretti, International Cooperation Officer


The MedPAN organisation secretariat is responsible for the implementation of the strategy decided by the General Assembly.

In 2017 it is composed of 7 full time employees, designated by the Board of Directors:

  • Executive Secretary: Marie Romani
    email: marie.romani[AT]
  • Financial Officer: Georges Boulos
    email: georges.boulos[AT]
  • Scientific Officer: Chloé Webster 
    email: chloe.webster[AT]
  • Communications Officer: Magali Mabari 
    email: magali.mabari[AT]
  • MPA support manager: Pierre Vignes
    email: pierre.vignes[AT]
  • Project Officer (Call for Small Projects and European projects): Marianne Lang
    email: marianne.lang[AT]
  • Database management Officer: Reda Neveu
    email: reda.neveu[AT]

The secretariat is based in Marseille, France

58 quai du Port
13002 Marseille
tel : +33 4 91 58 09 62
fax : +33 4 91 48 77 14

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible for rendering opinions regarding all matters involving the network and its bodies, with respect to scientific aspects related to the establishment and management of MPAs in the Mediterranean area and to concrete application of governmental decisions made at an international level. It cooperates with the scientific committees of MPAs and other organisations concerned on the regional level.

It gathers once a year and met for the first time in September 2011 in Marseille, France.

Its members are elected by the General Assembly of members and partners every 3 years.

In 2017, the Scientific Committee is composed of:

  • Almokhtar Saied, Libya
  • Baki Yokes, Turkey
  • Chedly Rais, Tunisia
  • Drosos Koutsoubas, Greece
  • Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Italy
  • Jean Michel Culioli, France
  • Joachim Claudet (Président), France
  • José Amengual Ramis, Spain
  • Paolo Guidetti, Italy
  • Mustafa Fouda, Egypt
  • Tundi Agardy, USA
  • Ruthy Yahel, Israel

Advisory committee

Upon the request of the Board of Director’s, the Advisory Board is responsible for rendering opinions and making comments on strategic plans, action plans, programmes to be financed and budgets to be allocated. It may be consulted on other matters regarding the network’s strategic orientations.

Its members are elected by the General Assembly.

The following organisations compose the Advisory Committee in 2017:

  • WWF Mediterranean
  • IUCN Med
  • Conservatoire du Littoral
  •  GFCM
  • Plan Bleu
  • Tour du Valat
  • MedWet
  • MPA Torre del Cerrano -Adriapan network
  • Sunce


In 2017 the MedPAN organisation is supported by several organisations that ensure the operation of the Secretariat and the funding of its activities: