The 10th General Assembly of the MedPAN network was held on November 27 2017 in Izola in Slovenia. Some 60 members and partners took part in this day, which is an important event in the life of the network.

2017 MedPAN General Assembly

This meeting was an opportunity to review the activities and achievements of the network during the last 5 years during which the network has grown, strengthened its support to Mediterranean MPAs and become an important player as much on the Mediterranean and European level. , than on the international level. A questionnaire will be sent to all members and partners to evaluate the MedPAN 2013-2017 activities.

Six new partners were approved during the General Assembly: the Barbarous association in Algeria, the DelTa association and the Cetacean Studies Center in Italy, the Mediterranean Small Islands initiative in France, the Environmental General Authority in Libya and the association Notre Grand Bleu in Tunisia. The network now brings together 66 members and 47 partners from 19 Mediterranean countries. See the full list of members and partners.

The afternoon was dedicated to a reflection on the strategy for the next 5 years (2018-2022) as well as on the development of the network’s financial strategy. These strategies are developed in consultation with network members and partners. Indeed, reflections began during the 2016 General Assembly with small thematic working groups; these first orientations were refined during a 4-day event held near Barcelona in October 2017 in the presence of about thirty representatives of the network. On the basis of these contributions, the Secretariat and the Board of Directors of MedPAN, with the support of two consultants, Arturo Lopez on the general strategy and Thomas Binet of Vertigo Lab on the financial strategy, prepared a working document which will be sent to all members and partners to collect their suggestions. After several other phases of consultation, a virtual general assembly will be held in March/April 2018 to approve this strategy. You can relive in video on this link the unfolding of this session and familiarise yourself with the first elements of the global and financial strategy.

The General Assembly Minutes will be available in the coming weeks on the MedPAN website.