Last June, MPA managers, Fishers and Administrations, and scientists from 9 Mediterranean countries gathered for a Science to Action workshop to refine what is needed to achieve a real sustainable planning at sea.

Download the communication published after the event.

In a context of Blue Growth, the fishery and conservation sectors have less power to influence ongoing planning processes, but, more important, they are key stakeholders to be empowered to reach ecosystem-based planning. In the workshop emerged a clear need for a more systematic and ecosystem-based approach to MSP in the Mediterranean. Active collaboration between the fisheries and conservation sectors would greatly enable such an approach. Equally important is that scientific research agendas should take into account the needs of the sea’s users and managers.

The Science to Action workshop was organised by the WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative in parallel to the GFCM High Level Conference on the MedFish4Ever initiatives. The workshop was also attended by representatives of the MedAC, GFCM, and DG MARE. Results have already been presented at the last meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the GFCM. The wider scientific community working with the fishery sector in the Mediterranean were reminded of the urgency of applying an ecosystem based approach to marine spatial panning.

The workshop was part of a cycle of workshops coordinated by WWF and MedPAN within a common Science to Action strategic framework. This activity is made possible by the financial support of MedMPAnetwork, a UNEP/MAP project financed by the European Union and the COGITO project financed by the FFEM.