MedPAN is developing a collection of well-written and harmonised case studies of effectively managed MPAs in the Mediterranean presenting measurable ecological or socio-economic impacts : reserve effect, spillover, fishers revenue increase, tourism sector dynamism, decrease of illegal practices, etc. These case studies will feed the various communications materials that MedPAN will deliver over the coming year and be shared among the Mediterranean MPA community for wide use.

MedPAN has recruited a consultant to work on this project and research the measurable evidence of the benefits of well managed MPAs through a review of the scientific literature, MedPAN’s database and exchanges with management teams. 

However, and to make sure that we consider all MPAs with demonstrated benefits in the Mediterranean, we are kindly asking anybody in the network who may know of published scientific papers, reports, or other grey literature material to get in touch with us. 

Please reach us on referring to the evidence documents. Many thanks in advance for your contribution.